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Concrete Garb EP14: Heartland Concrete & Construction, "A Family Tradition"

Today, the Garb is proud to present Jeff Wissing & his two boys, Beau & Ben with Heartland Concrete & Construction.  In 1993, HCC started in the town of Hastings, NE.  This company was built on a foundation of ideas that were never to be broken.  These ideas were to bring exceptional service, along with quality to each and every customer, to treat each person fairly and with respect, and to always hold themselves to a higher standard.

For nearly 25 years, HCC has worked hard to solidify their reputation as a top quality concrete contractor.  Let me tell you, after talking with these boys, I can promise you when I say they have worked hard to solidify their reputation, I MEAN IT!

Allow us to introduce, Heartland Concrete & Construction, a family tradition.

Concrete Garb EP13: Jerry "The King" Woods, Taking Care of Business

Ladies & Gentlemen, allow us to introduce a concrete finisher with over 60 years of concrete placing, finishing, and promoting experience.  His experience combined with his enthusiasm is second to none.  Jerry started his concrete construction career in high school working for Ole Jorgesen and Sons.  At 19 he began his 4-year apprenticeship and earned journeyman as a cement mason.  At 27 Jerry worked for the Portland Cement Association conducting Live Demonstrations around the region.  He then went to work for the Rock Island branch of the Safer Foundation, working at getting ex-cons exposure to concrete construction careers.  He has spent the last 13 years with the Iowa Ready Mix Concrete Association as their Director of Training and Outreach.

Jerry is the hardest working individual I have ever met.  He has influenced many young concrete craftsmen of the trade.  Mr. Woods, we salute you! Job Well Done!

Concrete Garb EP 12: Jaris Hennerberg aka "Apollo Screed"

Jaris Hennerberg is a laser screed operator and owner of "Screed Solutions", based out of Roca, Nebraska.  A farm boy originally from Diller Nebraska, who has earned the respect and admiration of his colleagues.  He attributes his success to the work ethic instilled by his parents & credits his accomplishments by the simple willingness to take risks.

Jaris is a great example of what happens when you are willing to put in the work.  Ladies and gentlemen, allow us to introduce Jaris Hennerberg of Screed Solutions.  Let's do this!

Concrete Garb EP 10: Troy "OLLIE" Oliver

In this episode we bring you a concrete finisher with nearly two decades of experience.  A finisher in which I have had the pleasure of personally working with, during my first 7 years of my concrete career.  In my opinion, he is the total package poster child of what it takes to be a concrete construction professional.  He is a Project Lead for Lithko Contracting Inc.  He grew up in Crete Nebraska started his concrete career in Lincoln Nebraska, but has been in Missouri for the past 9 years...Until now.  

Ladies and Gentlemen, allow us to introduce Mr. Troy Oliver, aka "OLLIE".

Show Notes:

00:03:30  Working in KC

00:05:10  A little Ollie / Bird History

00:07:27  Ollie's Coming Home

00:11:05  Workload & Labor Shortage

00:16:55  Concrete Cares 2015

00:19:00  How did you get into the biz?

00:27:00 Mentoring Programs & the Workforce

00:31:50  What advice would you give your great great grandkids?

00:34:35  Getting Concrete Contractors more active locally...

00:38:30 First Memories

00:46:20 Testing for Flatness & Levelness

00:48:40  Finding a "Cure" to combat the elements

00:53:50  Ollie asks the Bird..."Do I miss being in the Field?"

00:55:00 Pervious Concrete

00:58:25  What happens at WOC, evidently, doesn't stay at WOC

01:02:45  ACI Flatwork Certification

01:06:30  Talking behind Havraneks back

01:08:50  Rootin' Tootin' Sutko

01:11:10 Who has been your biggest influence?

01:14:50  If you could have any Super Power, what would it be?

01:17:00 Closing Statements


Concrete Garb EP 09: JA Concrete

Booyah! In this episode we bring you a father-son combo with nearly 60 years of experience in concrete construction.  JA Concrete Construction has been working in Nebraska for nearly 40 years.  They take pride in the quality of work they produce and believe their talented crew and customer service sets them apart from the competition.  Allow the Garb to introduce two generations of flatwork finishers, Jim and Jimmy Ahlstedt of JA Concrete Construction.


Concrete Garb EP 07: Russ 'the healer' Nowotny aka Concrete Jesus

Ladies and Gentleman, allow us to introduce Mr. Russ Nowotny with Stephens & Smith Construction out of Lincoln, Nebraska.  Russ definitely has the eyes and ears of his peers for his leadership and passion for concrete construction.  Tune in and listen why his colleagues gave him the name "Concrete Jesus".  

Show Notes:

2:30 The Nebraska Construction Industry Council

5:23 Luck of the Draw

10:15 Are you tough enough?

16:05 How Russ fell into it...

18:30 Brotherhood

20:40 It's not a paycheck, it's an investment

22:05 Concrete Jesus

30:30 Above & Beyond the call of duty

32:30 Gotta work to earn

35:53 The influence of a bank account

40:40 The Healer

45:37 Wrap-up

Concrete Garb EP 06: Matt "Woody" McCann & Pete Sobetski

In this episode, we bring two concrete professionals from the world of concrete sales and marketing, Matt "Woody" McCann with Lyman-Richey Corporation and Pete Sobetski with BASF. 

2:15 Matt McCann Intro

4:38 Construction Management - Lincoln

5:55 Pete Sobetski Intro

10:35 32 years of of dope dealing

12:00 6,000 psi? OMG

13:47 Self Consolidating Concrete

15:30 $7.60 per Cubic Yard..."I'll take two!"

17:00 Slump is only a measurement of consistency

19:35 The story of Shawn V

25:00 Rapid Drying Concrete

32:55 Moisture Sensitive Issues

36:03 Giving credit to Daedalus Concrete Construction

39:10 Meeting owners demands is a 24/7 job 

40:50 The worlds greatest building material

42:50 100,000 psi Concrete

45:24 It's a chemical reaction

46:15 Props to a couple RM Plant Supers

47:23 What's the most enjoyable part of your job? (PETE)

49:30 80K for microspheres in my sidewalk

51:25 Biggest Challenges

53:12 What's the most enjoyable part of your job? (MATT)

57:22 Biggest Influences?

1:02:30 Giving your great great grandkids advice...

1:05:23 SuperPowers

1:07:11 Concrete Cares and Promoter of the Year

1:08:49 Woody and closing comments


Concrete Garb Episode 05: Steve "The Professor" Wobken

This episode of the podcast, we bring you a good friend and colleague, Mr. Steve "The Professor" Wobken.  Steve started his concrete career as a concrete labor and has worked his way up to Regional Sales Manager for Ash Grove Cement Company.  Steve is a past recipient of the NC&AA Presidential Award and our technical guru for solid concrete advice.


7:00 A little of Steve's background

10:00 A typical day in the life of a cement salesman

11:30 Relationships are everything

14:00 Concrete culture

17:00 Soul Searching

20:35 It's no skin off Steve's butt

21:55 Are you tough enough to be sexy?

23:05 What kept you in the biz

24:00 Cowboy up!

25:53 Getting back on track...the biz

27:45 Getting in the mix

30:53 What's affecting the industry?

35:20 Limestone Cement

37:55 Would you recommend concrete as a career?

40:24 What advice would you give your great, great grandkids?

41:00 Who has been your biggest influence in your professional career? 

41:40 Steve wants to fly...

42:10 Closing comments


Concrete Garb Episode 05: A POD full of POFFS

In this episode, we introduce the Poffs with Kearney Concrete Company.  Combined, these two have won 2013 & 2014 NC&AA Presidential Award, and the 2015 NRMCA Concrete Cares Award.  Stan Poff is a past president and current scholarship Committee Chairman. Kyle Poff is the current NC&AA Vice President and current board member of Nebraska ACI.  


2:40 Concrete Cares of Nebraska

7:27 How did you get into the industry?

9:45 What do you find the most challenging about your job?

16:45 What do you find the most enjoyable?

20:40 What do you think the biggest changes will be in the next 20 years?

27:13 What advice would you give  your great great grandchildren?

30:15 Who has been your biggest influence?

32:15 If you can have any superpower, what would it be?

33:00 Unite & Fight

Concrete Garb Episode03 - Our First Foursome...


4:14 What attracted you to the industry?

8:30 The Benefits of an Employee Owned Company

10:40 Challenges in the Field

14:38 ACI Flatwork Pride

20:30 Developing a Contractor Association

26:50 Concrete College

30:00 Internal Mentoring & Motivating Employees

33:30 What Kept you in the Industry?

35:45 Favorite Projects

39:12 Steps made with Love

40:40 What can we do for you?

45:00 Productivity vs Quality

47:50 Closing Remarks

Concrete Garb Episode 2.5 "Quick & Dirty"

Just a quick episode giving shoutouts to Garb T-shirts / Concrete Cares / Nebraska ACI / ACI Contractors Day.  Next up: Gary Ebert & Bob Irwin, Stay Tuned!

 Kearney Concrete Company sponsored the Tri-city Storm 'Concrete Cares" Jerseys.  The jerseys were then auctioned off on eBay which returned $9,500 back to Concrete Cares of Nebraska.

Kearney Concrete Company sponsored the Tri-city Storm 'Concrete Cares" Jerseys.  The jerseys were then auctioned off on eBay which returned $9,500 back to Concrete Cares of Nebraska.

Nebraska Chapter ACI Website "Join the Elite"

ACI International Spring Convention KC - Special Contractor Session