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Concrete Garb Episode 05: Steve "The Professor" Wobken

This episode of the podcast, we bring you a good friend and colleague, Mr. Steve "The Professor" Wobken.  Steve started his concrete career as a concrete labor and has worked his way up to Regional Sales Manager for Ash Grove Cement Company.  Steve is a past recipient of the NC&AA Presidential Award and our technical guru for solid concrete advice.


7:00 A little of Steve's background

10:00 A typical day in the life of a cement salesman

11:30 Relationships are everything

14:00 Concrete culture

17:00 Soul Searching

20:35 It's no skin off Steve's butt

21:55 Are you tough enough to be sexy?

23:05 What kept you in the biz

24:00 Cowboy up!

25:53 Getting back on track...the biz

27:45 Getting in the mix

30:53 What's affecting the industry?

35:20 Limestone Cement

37:55 Would you recommend concrete as a career?

40:24 What advice would you give your great, great grandkids?

41:00 Who has been your biggest influence in your professional career? 

41:40 Steve wants to fly...

42:10 Closing comments