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Concrete Garb EP 06: Matt "Woody" McCann & Pete Sobetski

In this episode, we bring two concrete professionals from the world of concrete sales and marketing, Matt "Woody" McCann with Lyman-Richey Corporation and Pete Sobetski with BASF. 

2:15 Matt McCann Intro

4:38 Construction Management - Lincoln

5:55 Pete Sobetski Intro

10:35 32 years of of dope dealing

12:00 6,000 psi? OMG

13:47 Self Consolidating Concrete

15:30 $7.60 per Cubic Yard..."I'll take two!"

17:00 Slump is only a measurement of consistency

19:35 The story of Shawn V

25:00 Rapid Drying Concrete

32:55 Moisture Sensitive Issues

36:03 Giving credit to Daedalus Concrete Construction

39:10 Meeting owners demands is a 24/7 job 

40:50 The worlds greatest building material

42:50 100,000 psi Concrete

45:24 It's a chemical reaction

46:15 Props to a couple RM Plant Supers

47:23 What's the most enjoyable part of your job? (PETE)

49:30 80K for microspheres in my sidewalk

51:25 Biggest Challenges

53:12 What's the most enjoyable part of your job? (MATT)

57:22 Biggest Influences?

1:02:30 Giving your great great grandkids advice...

1:05:23 SuperPowers

1:07:11 Concrete Cares and Promoter of the Year

1:08:49 Woody and closing comments