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Concrete Garb Episode 05: A POD full of POFFS

In this episode, we introduce the Poffs with Kearney Concrete Company.  Combined, these two have won 2013 & 2014 NC&AA Presidential Award, and the 2015 NRMCA Concrete Cares Award.  Stan Poff is a past president and current scholarship Committee Chairman. Kyle Poff is the current NC&AA Vice President and current board member of Nebraska ACI.  


2:40 Concrete Cares of Nebraska

7:27 How did you get into the industry?

9:45 What do you find the most challenging about your job?

16:45 What do you find the most enjoyable?

20:40 What do you think the biggest changes will be in the next 20 years?

27:13 What advice would you give  your great great grandchildren?

30:15 Who has been your biggest influence?

32:15 If you can have any superpower, what would it be?

33:00 Unite & Fight