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Concrete Garb EP 10: Troy "OLLIE" Oliver

In this episode we bring you a concrete finisher with nearly two decades of experience.  A finisher in which I have had the pleasure of personally working with, during my first 7 years of my concrete career.  In my opinion, he is the total package poster child of what it takes to be a concrete construction professional.  He is a Project Lead for Lithko Contracting Inc.  He grew up in Crete Nebraska started his concrete career in Lincoln Nebraska, but has been in Missouri for the past 9 years...Until now.  

Ladies and Gentlemen, allow us to introduce Mr. Troy Oliver, aka "OLLIE".

Show Notes:

00:03:30  Working in KC

00:05:10  A little Ollie / Bird History

00:07:27  Ollie's Coming Home

00:11:05  Workload & Labor Shortage

00:16:55  Concrete Cares 2015

00:19:00  How did you get into the biz?

00:27:00 Mentoring Programs & the Workforce

00:31:50  What advice would you give your great great grandkids?

00:34:35  Getting Concrete Contractors more active locally...

00:38:30 First Memories

00:46:20 Testing for Flatness & Levelness

00:48:40  Finding a "Cure" to combat the elements

00:53:50  Ollie asks the Bird..."Do I miss being in the Field?"

00:55:00 Pervious Concrete

00:58:25  What happens at WOC, evidently, doesn't stay at WOC

01:02:45  ACI Flatwork Certification

01:06:30  Talking behind Havraneks back

01:08:50  Rootin' Tootin' Sutko

01:11:10 Who has been your biggest influence?

01:14:50  If you could have any Super Power, what would it be?

01:17:00 Closing Statements